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Makki ki Roti, Fresh made Parathas on the Tawa, and introducing our brand new DUM BIRYANI

Give our famous Makki ki Roti and Parathas a try. Every Sunday we have a special for these delicious breads.

  • Makki ki Roti: Regular, Methi (fenugreek)
  • Parathas: Alu (potato), Gobhi (cauliflower), Mooli (radish), Palak (spinach), Methi (fenugreek)

Dum Biryani is our newest item. This rice casserole dish, from Hyderabad, India, is famous for having marinated the chicken overnight and then cooking the rice simultaneously with the chicken (or meat of your choice). This process allows for the flavor of the meat to enrich within the long grain Basmati rice.

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Mithai (sweets) - Bombay Cafe serves some of the freshest mithai in the DMV. Not only do we have a very large selection, but we are constantly cooking and creating new items for your pleasure.
Here is a bit more about Mithai - taken from WikipediaIn India's diverse languages, sweets are called by numerous names, one common name being Mithai (मिठाई). They include sugar, and a vast array of ingredients such as different flours, milk, milk solids, fermented foods, root vegetables, raw and roasted seeds, seasonal fruits, fruit pastes and dry fruits. Some sweets such as kheer are cooked, some like burfi are baked, varieties like Mysore pak are roasted, some like jalebi are fried, others like kulfi are frozen, while still others involve a
Catering - For the past 15 years Bombay Cafe has helped many of our customers succeed in a wide variety of parties.
We're ready to cater your next party/event!Cater any occasion from Bombay CafeCustomize your meal to fit your party, event, meeting, etc...Call: (571) 238-4905Email: bombaycafefairfax@gmail.comYour PartyWeddingsBirthdaysShowers (baby/bridal)Sports team dinnersYour MeetingOrdering for officeOrdering for clientsCorporate partiesSchool events
A Bombay Cafe gift card is your ticket to a wonderfully authentic Indian dining experience.
Treat that special someone to our signature Indian dishes, comfortable atmosphere, and exceptional service. Since a gift should be enjoyed at the right time, our gift certificates will never expire! No hidden fees.
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